Electromagnetic Wave and Antenna Measurement Experiment System

System Introduction

The system is designed for courses such as "Microwave Technology and Antenna", "Electromagnetic Wave and Electromagnetic Field" and "Fundamentals of Microwave and Antenna Engineering". It includes measuring equipment, antenna, antenna turn table and teaching and control software, etc. It can meet the testing of parameters such as characteristic impedance, port standing wave ratio, directional diagram, gain and polarization characteristics of commonly used antennas, as well as experimental requirements such as electromagnetic wave reflection, transmission and electromagnetic wave transmission characteristics measurement. The system adopts the experimental scheme consistent with the actual engineering measurement, which can not only help students understand the antenna test principle, but also master the engineering test method of antenna, and provide practical basis for guiding students to design and apply antenna.

System Introduction

Main features

Improve equipment utilization

The use of spectrum analyzer signal source test program, effectively improve the utilization of equipment.

Simple to use in teaching

Supporting teaching software, its rich teaching management functions and clear control interface, make teaching relatively simple.

Super high cost performance

It has a clear advantage over the high purchase price of the target network.

Rich use

It has many teaching purposes such as antenna test and electromagnetic wave characteristic experiment.

Teaching Control Management

Program control of experimental equipment

Online real-time control of experimental equipment parameters and actions, such as spectrum analyzer, signal source, antenna turntable, etc.

experimental equipment management

Assist the administrator to record the status, quantity, access and use of experimental equipment, and realize the visual management of equipment.

Personnel management

Student information editing, rights management.

experiment report management

Teachers edit the experimental report template online, students edit and submit the experimental report online, correct the experimental report, and manage the archive.

Experimental process monitoring

You can check the progress and situation of students' experiments online, and grasp the experimental results in time.

Management of experimental consumables

Assist the laboratory administrator to realize the digital recording and management of laboratory consumables.

Experiment content

Antenna Test

Antenna standing wave ratio measurement

Antenna gain measurement

Measurement of antenna frequency response characteristics

Antenna polarization characteristic test

Antenna pattern measurement

electromagnetic wave characteristics

Electromagnetic wave reflection and transmission

Propagation characteristics of electromagnetic wave

Electromagnetic wave wavelength measurement

Configuration Scenario

配置 名称 设备 规格型号 参数 数量
标配 接收席位 频谱分析仪 SA1030B 9kHz~3.0GHz 6
驻波电桥 VB30 10MHz~3.OGHz 6
喇叭口天线 工作频率:2.4GHz 6
左旋螺旋天线 工作频率:2.4GHz 6
3维天线转台 水平:0~350°俯仰:±20°
发射席位 信号发生器 SG1030A 9kHz~3.0GHz 1
喇叭口天线 线极化,工作频率:2.4GHz 1
左旋螺旋天线 圆极化,工作频率:2.4GHz 1
右旋螺旋天线 圆极化,工作频率:2.4GHz 1
3维天线转台 水平:0~350°俯仰:±20°
教控软件 LAB-DT-SF 1

★ 注:
 1、标准配置为 6 个接收席位和 1 个发射席位。

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