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PLA030 Pulse limiter

The main function of a limiter is to limit the output signal amplitude to a certain range, which means that when the input amplitude exceeds a certain reference value, the output amplitude will be limited to a certain amplitude and will no longer change with the input voltage. The applicable frequency range is 50kHz~1GHz.

RFS003 Radio frequency switch

The applicable frequency range of the RF switch (RFS003) is 9kHz~300MHz. When the RF switch is turned off, the isolation degree is 34dB (minimum value). This RF switch is mainly used in conjunction with our company's limiter.

Baluelec HRA4080 RF Comprehensive Tester New Product Release

RA4080 RF Comprehensive Tester is a comprehensive tester that integrates spectrum analysis, vector network analysis, antenna and feeder line testing, vector voltmeter, field strength measurement, interference localization,

Innovation and concentration of the future --- Baluelec Zippertham Mountain Troupe Review

In order to enhance employees' cohesion and centripetal force, stimulate the team's aggressive spirit and team consciousness, and rejuvenate the positive spirit of employees. Baluelec launched a unique group building expansion activity on June 3.

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