Experimental System of Radio Frequency and Microwave Technology

System Introduction

The system is developed for courses such as "Fundamentals of Microwave Technology", "Microwave Technology" and "RF Circuit Design-Theory and Application". It is composed of RF transceiver module, experimental box, teaching software and testing instruments. The test box modularizes the RF circuit units of the complete transceiver system, and cooperates with the simulation software to realize the simulation design and test verification of the unit circuit. The rich experimental content provides students with more practical opportunities, helps students improve their practical level, and improves the application ability of simulation software and related instruments. With teaching management software, intelligent teaching management can be realized.

System Introduction

Main features

Complete supporting teaching materials, such as teaching handouts, teaching videos, experimental operation videos and experimental instructions, etc.

Provide simulation experiment routines matched with experiments to realize the teaching of theory-simulation-practice system.

External protection, ESD, surge and other multiple protection design, to provide more stable and reliable products

Using high-quality devices, connectors, plates and other materials to improve the service life of the product

A single set of experimental box can realize a complete receiving/sending link

With the experimental process, experimental reports, equipment management and other functions, easy to achieve electronic teaching management.

Supporting Simulation Tutorial


Complete transmit and receive links


Experiment content

Passive Device Experiment

filter experiment

Attenuator experiment

Power Divider/Combiner Experiment (Optional)

Mixer Experiment

Coupler experiment

Isolator (optional)

Circumferator (optional)

Signal conditioning experiment

AGC/VGA Circuit Experiment

power amplifier experiment

AGC/VGA Circuit Experiment

Geophone experiment

RF Switch Experiment

Signal Generation Experiment

Crystal Oscillator Experiment

Direct Frequency Synthesizer Experiment (DDS)

VCO PLL Circuit Experiment

system experiment

ALC Circuit Experiment

Launch System Experiment

Receiving System Experiment

Configuration Scenario

配置 名称或描述 规格型号 数量
标配 射频微波实验箱 EDU1030 1台
频谱分析仪 SA1010B/9kHz~1.8GHz 1台
信号发生器 SG1010A/9kHz~1.8GHz 1台
附件 电源线 1.5米 1根
实验指导手册   1本
选配 驻波电桥 VB30 1件
实验教学软件 LAB-RW-SF 1套

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