Radar Principle Teaching Experiment System

System Introduction

The system is designed for courses such as "high frequency electronic circuit", "nonlinear circuit" and "communication electronic circuit", combined with the development trend of electronic technology, including experimental box, test instrument, teaching and control simulation software, etc. The experimental box is equipped with more than 20 kinds of circuit function modules, covering the typical circuits required by the teaching syllabus, which can not only meet the verification experiments of a single circuit, but also combine different circuit modules into system-level experiments to help students understand and deepen the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom, master the concepts and analysis methods of time domain, frequency domain and modulation domain, and improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems.

System Introduction

Main features

Free combination of RF transceiver links, simulation design of various types of wireless equipment and transceiver systems

Modular design, standardized interface, blind plug structure for independent expansion and innovation

Set a variety of basic unit circuit and measurement and control system and integration

Perfect fault setting and signal characteristic simulation ability, can simulate the actual equipment to carry out maintenance training

Embedded frequency domain and time domain analysis capabilities, so that the training process and practical design are closely integrated.

Cooperate with ADS design routines to carry out the whole process experiment from unit simulation design to system debugging and verification.

Experiment reports can be generated and edited through templates, and experiment results can be output directly.

Centralized control via wired and wireless networks for distance learning management

system composition

system composition

Experiment content

Radar System Experiment

From simple radar equations to complex systematic experiments.

pulse sequence

The time-domain waveform of the pulse sequence and the frequency characteristic test are carried out.

doppler principle

Through the target echo simulation, the principle of Doppler is visually demonstrated.

Experiment content

Teaching and observation with physical objects, making abstract radar theory, circuit theory, radar imaging and other technologies into physical objects, will help students understand and master what they have learned.

signal measurement experiment

Use instruments to measure radar signals, learn to use instruments and understand signal characteristics.

Radar Display

Learning radar display mode and principle.

Functional Unit Experiment

Understand the working principle and usage of radar basic working circuit.

Configuration Scenario

配置 名称 型号 参数 数量
标配 雷达原理教学实验箱 EDU1020 工作频率:1200MHz~1400MHz 1台
选配 频谱插件 MSA820A 频率:9kHz~1.8GHz 1件
示波器插件 OSC102 模拟带宽:100MHz 1件
雷达回波模拟器 RES-012 工作频率:1200MHz~1400MHz 1件
雷达天线系统 RAS-012 具备指北针、水平仪,方位精度≤0.5° 转速:2~6转/分钟,连续可调 1套

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