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Frequency range: 9kHz ~ 8GHz/18GHz (receiving mode), 20MHz ~ 8GHz (directional mode); The adjustable bandwidth in the adjustable number, the maximum 40MHz panoramic intermediate frequency display; High -speed panoramic scan (80GHz/s), signal recording and playback; Suspicious signal detection of near -field space; Wired line inspection (electric line, telephone line); Finding and measuring positioning of interference sources; AM/FM/USB/LSB system audio demodulation; NTSC/PAL system video demodulation; WIFI (2.4g/5.8g) safety inspection; ITU recommended panorama, frequency bands and storage scanning functions; Blind -in -type measuring antenna, sensitive direction instructions and accuracy; The power supply of lithium batteries can work for 3 hours, and the light push -type external replacement method;

Key words:

The HRM series handheld monitoring receiver is a professional and intelligent multifunctional electromagnetic signal detection instrument that can quickly search, analyze and position the cable lines and the potential illegal radio signals in the target venue and the potential illegal radio signal in the near -field space. The system consists of detecting modules, broadband omnidirectional/ directional antennas, multi -function probes, detection software, tracking positioning and signal analysis identification modules. It has the characteristics of large bandwidth, high sensitivity, fast scanning, excellent battery life and other characteristics. It is suitable for troops , Government, government agencies, security, public security, and secrets in the fields of secrets.

Mid - frequency analysis function

The adjustable bandwidth in the adjustable number, the maximum 40MHz panoramic mid -frequency display; the 21 -gear demodulation bandwidth.

Near - field detection function

The frequency covers 9KHz ~ 8GHz, and the near -field signal detection conducts illegal signal inspections of important places through omnidirectional or broadband antennas. The list can display threat signal information.

Panorama scanning function

ITU's recommended PSCAN measurement, the orderly arrangement displays a maximum of 6 peak signals that exceed the set value, and up to a single 1.5 million -point channel scan.

Wired inspection function

Including digital tables, power lines, coaxial axes, and telephone line functions, it can quickly search, analyze and locate potential illegal signals of cable lines.

Direction positioning function

The direction positioning is mainly the single -frequency point (the frequency range is 9kHz ~ 8GHz) detected in the nearby detection. The threat signal position is determined by the cross -positioning function, and the topographic diagram can be enlarged and reduced.

  • Frequency range: 9kHz ~ 18GHz
  • Input impedance: 50Ω
  • Vswr: ≤ 2.5: 1
  • Energy accuracy: ± 1.5db
  • Noise coefficient: 18DB
  • Phase noise: -98dbc/Hz@10kHz
  • Mirror frequency suppression: 60db
  • Mid -frequency inhibitory: 60db
  • Inherent remaining response: -95dbm
  • Spectral display bandwidth: 10kHz ~ 40MHz
Model Name Frequency range Amplitude accuracy Phase noise Mirror frequency suppression Intrinsic residual response Input impedance Price
HRM080 9kHz~8GHz(Receiving mode)
20MHz~8GHz(Directional mode)
≤±1.5dB -98dBc/Hz@10kHz 80dB -110dBm 50Ω Quote
HRM180 9kHz~18GHz(Receiving mode)
20MHz~8GHz(Directional mode)
≤±1.5dB -90dBc/Hz@10kHz 60dB -95dBm 50Ω Quote
Configuration Describe Order number
Host Detection system host(9kHz~8GHz) HRM080
Detection system host(9kHz~18GHz) HRM180
Standard Ship antenna (1MHz~512MHz) 0A060
Omnidirectional antenna (300MHIz~7.5GHz) 0A750
GPS antenna (GPS Beidou dual mode)  
Power adapter (20V6A) GST120A20-P1M
Power line (220VAC)  
N/SMA-JK joint  
Double SMA cable (80cm)  
Earphone GM180
Optional Near - field detection function options HRM-NEAR
Multifunctional probe WP300
Metering antenna Direct antenna-1(9kHz~30MHz) SDA800
Direct antenna-2(20MHz-200MHz)
Direct antenna-3(200MHz~500MHz)
Direct antenna-4(500MHz~8000MHz)
Video demodulation option HRM-VD
WIFI check options HRM-WIFI
Direction positioning option HRM-TL

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Universal attachments (optional)

Vector Net Calibration Kit

Sagittal Net Calibration Kit (4 SAM type negative calibration pieces, DC-9GHz)

Ultra short wave handheld direction finding antenna (9kHz~8000MHz)

9KHz-30MHz handheld directional antenna 20MHz~200MHz handheld directional antenna 200MHz~500MHz handheld directional antenna 500MHz~8000MHz handheld directional antenna

LNA010 broadband amplifier

When not using a direct power cord, it is necessary to ensure that the input voltage of the broadband amplifier is+5V. When using a direct power cord, it is necessary to ensure that the input voltage of the direct power cord is+5V

PLA030 Pulse limiter

The main function of a limiter is to limit the output signal amplitude to a certain range, which means that when the input amplitude exceeds a certain reference value, the output amplitude will be limited to a certain amplitude and will no longer change with the input voltage. The applicable frequency range is 50kHz~1GHz.

RFS003 Radio frequency switch

The applicable frequency range of the RF switch (RFS003) is 9kHz~300MHz. When the RF switch is turned off, the isolation degree is 34dB (minimum value). This RF switch is mainly used in conjunction with our company's limiter.

ANT01 Near-field probe

ANT01 is a cost-effective near-field probe primarily used to locate interference sources and determine the cause of interference. It can be used to detect the direction and strength of the magnetic field on the surface of the device;

PRBI-400 Current injection probe

The current injection probe is mainly used for conducting sensitivity measurement; The interference signal is injected into the signal cable or power line of EUT to simulate external interference to determine the conduction sensitivity of EUT.

CDN016-M3 Coupling decoupling network

The coupling/decoupling  network consists of two parts: coupling and decoupling.The main  function of decoupling is to prevent useful signals from leaking to the power supply terminal (AE port) and to prevent disturbing signals from interfering with useful signals. The function of coupling is to transmit the disturbance signal of the device under test (EUT port) to the signal port.(RF port) in order to measure by measuring instruments, or transmit the electromagnetic disturbance signal of RF transmitter to the tested equipment. 

VB30 vswr bridge

• Frequencyrange: 10MHz-3.6GHz  • Tested port: N (female) type  • IN-1o-DUTinsertion loss: 4dB (typical)  • Directionality: 24dB (typical)  • Maximum input power: +30dBm(lW)  • Applicable models: HSA800 series, SAi 000 series and SA2000 series 

T/R1000 RF Demo Kit

• Radio frequency amplifier: The frequency range is 10MHz~2GHz,And the gain is 9dB~15d8(14dB@lGHz) • Radio frequency band-pass filter: Bandwidth 920MHz沉5MHz,Center frequency 922.5MHz  • Mixer: RF IN 5MHz~1500MHz             LO IN 5MHz~500MHz             RF OUT DC-1000MHz  • Oscillator LO/N:Frequency range 35MHz~4400MHz, Output power -3dBm--10dBm  •Oscillator LO:The frequency range is 2200MHz~4400MHz.,And the output power is 0dBm~+ 13dBm • Variable gain amplifier:Frequency range 15MHz~30MHz, gainrange 0dB~30dB  • Intermediate band pass filter: Bandwidth19.9MHz~22.9MHz ,Center frequency 21.4MHz • Reference timebase: 10MHz  •Interfuce:USB

FD100 frequency detection characteristic test module

• Based on BALUELEC Spectrum Analyzer, It can provide frequency discrimination   characteristic test function, Which can replace frequency scrumer  • Size 100mmx60mmx25mm • Universal USB interfuce for easy control  • Weight≤200g • Applicable models: SA1000 series and SA2000 series

DA800 directional broadband antenna

• Frequency measurement range: 600MHz-8000MHz •Input impedance: 50Ω • VSWR(Typical):<2:1 • Gain (Typical): 6dBi • Weight: 400g • Dimension: 353mrnx223mrnx28mrn

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