What is the difference between microwave signal generator and radio frequency signal generator?

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Microwave signal generators and radio frequency signal generators are used to generate signal generated devices with different frequencies. They have some differences in the frequency range and application field. The specifics are as follows:

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Frequency range: The frequency range of microwave signal generators generally from 1GHz to 100GHz, or even higher, for the generation of signals of microwave bands and millimeter wave frequency bands. The frequency range of the radio frequency signal generator is generally from dozens of Hzz to several Gigabithz, covering a lower radio frequency band.

Application field: Microwave signal generators are mainly used in areas of radar systems, wireless communication, satellite communication, millimeter wave communication, etc., which require high frequency and high -precision signals. The radio frequency signal generator is mainly used in the fields of radio and television, radio, wireless communication, and RFID.

Accuracy requirements: Because microwave signal generators are usually used in high -precision applications, such as radar measurement, navigation systems, etc., the requirements of frequency stability and phase noise are higher. Compared with the accuracy requirements of the RF signal generator under the undergoing frequency signal generator, the relative requirements are relatively relative requirements Low.

In general, there are differences in the frequency range, output power, application field and accuracy requirements of the microwave signal generator and radio frequency signal generator. Users need to choose the appropriate device according to specific needs.

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