Basic knowledge of spectrum analyzer

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What is spectrum analyzer

The spectrum analyzer is the instrument that studies the electronic signal spectrum structure. It is used for measurement of signal parameters such as signal distortion, system, spectrum purity, frequency stability, and interval distortion. Parameters are a multi -purpose electronic measuring instrument.

It can also be called the frequency domain oscilloscope, tracking oscilloscope, analysis oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer, frequency characteristic analyzer or Fourier analyzer. The modern spectrum analyzer can display the analysis results in analog or digital mode, and can analyze the electrical signal of all radio frequency bands in the sub -millimeter band below the sub -millimeter band. If the digital circuit and microprocessor are used inside the instrument, it has storage and computing functions; the configuration standard interface can easily constitute an automatic test system.

What are the applications of spectrometers

The spectrometer can measure a variety of feature parameters of RF signal, including frequency, frequency selection power, bandwidth, neighboring power, modulation waveform, field strength, etc. Therefore, it is quite widely used in various fields of radio technology, including electronic confrontation, satellite satellites, satellites Recitation, mobile communication, scattering communication, radar, remote control remote test, investigator interference, radio astronomy, satellite navigation, aerospace, and spectrum monitoring

The technical parameters of the spectrum analyzer

The SA1000 series portable spectrum analysis instrument shell uses ABS mold, portable lightweight, full digital intermediate frequency and embedded integrated control system to ensure its excellent performance and stable performance. Users can easily own. Rich and friendly man -machine interface, Chinese and English bilingual menu, simple operation, easy to learn and easy to use, making the test world more convenient and pleasant.

The main characteristics of the spectrum analyzer product

Frequency range: 9KHz-1.8GHz/3.0GHz

The resolution bandwidth is 1Hz-3MHz, the noise electricity is better than -158DBM

Patented dual source function, tracking source/independent source switch arbitrarily

Special transient wave, quickly capture the transient signal

Waterfall maps, frequency counting, audio demodulation and other conventional and expansion functions

Field strong measurement, frequency test test, S11 and S21, channel measurement and other professional options

PASS-FAIL and other on-site detection alarm capabilities

8 -inch highlights, multi -line computing measurement


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