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The handheld spectrometer can analyze the radio frequency and microwave signals, or it can also be called a handheld signal analyzer.

Handheld spectrometer standard configuration can achieve a comprehensive analysis of vector digital signals, including 2G, 3G, WIMAX, Bluetooth, AM/FM and other tests. The calculation of the safety limit you do can be completed automatically. Today's handheld spectrometers have high -performance DSPs to ensure that all testing and analysis calculation results are displayed in real time.

The handheld spectrum analyzer and other spectrum analyzers are more lighter and portable compared with other spectrum analyzers, which is convenient for carrying during on -site operations. For example, it is equivalent to mobile phones and computers. The mobile phone is definitely more convenient to carry and use it. However, there is no restriction on the function, and an introduction is based on the HSA800 handheld spectrum analyzer.

The HSA800 series spectrum analyzer is designed to satisfy on -site operations. It is light and portable, fast and accurate, solid and durable. It has a rich measurement function. It is a perfect choice for pursuing excellent performance and excellent value.

The product uses a high -brightness 6.5 -inch large screen, with dynamic appearance and clear picture. Large capacity can recharge the battery, and the continuous working hours can reach 4 hours. The push -type battery compartment is convenient for replacement at any time, and there is no limit to expanding the running time. Built -in tracking sources, front -facing large -scale, strong measurement, GPS/BD navigation measurement, and sky feed line testing can quickly and reliably solve various conventional measurement tasks and meet the demanded and complicated environmental requirements. General USB and LAN communication interfaces can achieve remote control. Use the standard SCPI command set to quickly set up and upgrade the integrated test system to facilitate users to measure and use.

Main characteristics

● Frequency range: 9kHz ~ 2GH/3.6GHz/7.5GHz

● Noise level: better than -160dbm

● Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz3MHz

● Dedicated transient wave, quickly capture the transient signal

● waterfall map, channel measurement, frequency counting, audio decoding, PASS-FAIL detection alarm and other conventional and extension functions

● Field strong measurement, S11 and S21, GPS/BD navigation measurement, sky feed line test and other professional options

● Manchong is up to 4h, and you can continue to power at any time


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