The functions and application characteristics of the ST4000 series integrated tester

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Measurement is indispensable in our lives. Our clock is used to measure time, measure the length of the ruler, and understand more data by measuring. With the continuous development of science and technology, the measurement instrument market has also been continuously updated, and users 'demand for measurement is also increasing. The measurement instrument is transformed in a diversified and customized direction. Testing instruments need more functions to meet users' test needs Essence The comprehensive tester was born under this demand.

In order to meet the measurement needs of different users, Baili Electronics has independently developed a ST4000 series comprehensive tester. This product integrates multiple measurement components such as spectrum analyzer, radio frequency source, oscilloscope, function generator, digital table, DC voltage pressure power supply. It has a combination test function such as network measurement. It is a comprehensive testing equipment with excellent performance. Test requirements for most users.

The ST4000 series comprehensive tester has three models to choose from, which can meet the needs of different users. The frequency range of the spectrum analyzer can be selected from 9kHz ~ 1.8GHz to 9kHz ~ 6GHz. The source frequency range is available from 9kHz ~ 1.8GHz to 9kHz ~ 6.0GHz, and the frequency range of the function generator is available from 0 ~ 20MHz to 0 ~ 60MHz. The measurement function contained in the comprehensive tester has at least two parameter range to choose from.

This comprehensive tester is equivalent to the oscilloscope+function generator+digital table+DC source+spectrometer+radio frequency source+computer function collection. It can display all test parameters on the same interface to facilitate users to view. The screen uses a capacitor touch screen. , Higher and convenient operation, support handheld operations.


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