The role of the spectrum analyzer measurement spectrum

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The spectrum analyzer can analyze the frequency distribution information, frequency, power, harmonic, miscellaneous, noise, interference and distortion of the signal.

Why use the spectrum analyzer, what is the role and significance of measuring the spectrum? In fact, the measurement spectrum is to obtain the frequency for analysis. The frequency composition of the analysis signal is to analyze which sine wave components contained in the signal contained in the signal contained in the signal. Essence The spectrum analysis is widely used in engineering testing, such as studying noise spectrum to find a source of noise. In the failure of the machine tool gear machine, the spectrum analysis is performed by measuring the vibration signal on the gear box to determine the maximum frequency component. For fault gears, in the propeller design, you can also determine the inherent frequency and critical speed of the propeller through the spectrum analysis to determine its speed range.

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The company's independently developed spectrum analyzer is divided into multiple series, including handheld spectrum analyzer and portable spectrum analyzer, which can meet most of the market's customer needs. It is currently widely used in aerospace, microwave communication, satellite navigation, radar detection, electronics Detection and confrontation, accurate guidance and other areas.


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