How to choose a signal generator

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At present, there are many signal generators on the market, and different signal generators are also very different in terms of function and use. So how can we choose the most suitable one when we choose the signal generator? Several aspects that need to be paid attention to.

When the selected signal generator or signal source, the following is some important consideration:

1. Frequency range: Select the signal source that is suitable for the frequency range that is suitable for you. Make sure the signal source you choose has the required frequency and resolution to meet your application needs.

2. Output power: Determine the required output power level to ensure that the signal source you choose can generate sufficient power to drive your system or device.

3. Modification method: Consider the modulation method of signal source, such as simulation modulation, digital modulation, etc. According to your application needs, choose the appropriate modulation method.

4. Stability: Make sure the signal source you choose has sufficient stability to ensure the stability and accuracy of the output signal.

5. Functional characteristics: According to your application needs, select the appropriate signal source function characteristics, such as multi -channel output, programming output, synchronous output, etc.

6. Programming: If you need a programmable signal source to ensure that the signal source you choose has appropriate programming interface and software support.

7. Cost: According to your budget requirements, after meeting the above conditions at the same time, select the signal source of cost -effectiveness according to the cost.

In short, the key to correcting the signal source is to ensure that it meets your application needs and has sufficient stability and accuracy.


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