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The spectrum analyzer is a instrument used to analyze the characteristics of the signal spectrum. It has many functions and characteristics. With the development of science and technology, many industries need to be used to measure and analyze the signal of the spectrum analyzer. The following is a spectrum analyzer analyzer. How to use Baili Electronics for everyone.

Connecting device: Connect the analyzed signal through the sensor or other interfaces to the spectrum analyzer.

Adjustment settings: Set the parameters of the spectrum analyzer, including the center frequency, bandwidth, and reference level to ensure that the instrument can accurately capture and analyze the signal.

Start measurement: Open the measurement mode of the instrument and start measurement. The instrument will analyze the signal into a spectrum graph and display it on the instrument screen.

Analysis results: Analyze the spectrum graphics, understand the frequency characteristics and frequency distribution of the signal, and check and measure frequency, power, harmonic and other information by selecting areas or parameters of interest.

Save data: Save the analysis results into the memory or computer of the instrument so that you can refer to or further analyze later.

It should be noted that when using the spectrum analyzer, you need to comply with relevant security regulations, and you need to choose different types of spectrum analyzers according to different application areas and needs. The spectrum analyzer is also divided into various types. Different types of parameters are different. Those who have spectrum analyzers need to consult egret electronic technicians.


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