How to calculate the frequency of the signal generator?

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Signal generator is an electronic device that can produce stable, accurate, and adjustable electronic signals. It can be used to test and calibrate other electronic equipment, or as a benchmark signal source.

Frequency refers to the oscillating cycle of the signal of the signal generator, which is usually represented by Hertz (Hz). The frequency of the signal generator can be calculated through the following formula:

Frequency = 1 / cycle

Among them, the cycle refers to the oscillation cycle of the signal of the signal generator, which is usually represented by seconds (s). The frequency of the signal generator can be adjusted by changing the parameters of the internal oscillator (such as capacitance, inductance, etc.).

For digital signal generators, the frequency can be implemented by directly setting frequency parameters, and for analog signal generator, the frequency adjustment needs to be achieved by internal circuits and oscillators.

The SG2000 series multi -standard signal generator can meet the diverse product choices of different functional requirements and different applications. In terms of its merit, it has various simulation modulation functions (AM/FM/M/pulse modulation) common digital modulation function (ASK/PSK/FSK) and customized special modulation signals (SSB/DSB/CW modulation, etc.)::

In addition, functions such as frequency/amplitude scanning, amplitude scanning, linear frequency adjustment, low frequency output, and upper frequency conversion have been integrated in the instrument, making the signal generator a flexible and general instrument, suitable for teaching and scientific research, product development , Production and maintenance. Rich logic hardware interface and widescreen liquid display, allowing you to perform various control operations. The complete standard SCPI command set and universal USB and LAN interfaces have brought great convenience to remote control and secondary development.


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