EMI measurement of the working principle and product advantage of the receiving machine

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EMI refers to electromagnetic interference, which refers to the interference caused by electromagnetic waves generated by various electronic equipment during the work process. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference, EMI tests are required to ensure that it meets international standards. The EMI test receiver is one of the important equipment for EMI testing, which is used to measure the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves in the device.

The principle of EMI testing the receiver is to receive the electromagnetic wave signal generated by the device to be tested through an antenna, converts the signal into a electrical signal within the frequency range, and then convert it to readable digital signals or sound signals through a specific processing circuit. To determine whether the equipment to be tested meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

The product advantage of the EMI measurement receiver includes:

High sensitivity: EMI measurement receiver can detect a weak electromagnetic interference signal, which may affect the normal operation of electronic devices.

Broadband: EMI measurement receiver can work within a wide range of frequency range, so the electromagnetic interference signals in different frequencies can be detected.

Strong tone: EMI measurement receiver can adjust its sensitivity and frequency range to meet different test needs.

High -precision: EMI measurement receiver can provide accurate electromagnetic interference signal measurement results to help engineers perform accurate interference analysis.

Large capacity: EMI measurement receiver can test multiple devices or systems at the same time, thereby improving test efficiency and production efficiency.

In short, the EMI measurement receiver is an indispensable and important tool in electronic equipment and system testing. It has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, strong adjustability, and large capacity. It can provide engineers with accurate interference analysis and solutions.

The EMI measurement of the EMI measurement of the Egret Electronics and produced by the EMI measurement of the CISPR-AVG, CISPR-RMS, QPK detectors are integrated with CISPR16-1-1. , Lighting, automotive electronics, medical and other industries. Combining ETR upper machine measurement software, rich testing options, and accurate automation testing. The entire system standards spectrum analysis module and tracking generator to meet the test needs of users in different fields

Main characteristics

●  Frequency range: 1kHz ~ 300MHz/2GHz/3.6GHz

● Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz-3DB (-3DB), 200Hz/9kHz/120kHz/1MHz (-6DB)

● Compliance with CISPR 16-1-1 standard, including CISPR-AVG, CISPR-RMS, QPK detector

● EMI receiver and spectrum analyzer two -in -one

● The whole digital detector measurement is reliable and stable

● Dual RF input protection to ensure measurement safety

● Rich test options meet different applications and measurement

● Support ETR measurement analysis software


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