The difference between oscilloscope and spectrometer

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The oscilloscope and spectrometer are two common types of electronic testing instruments, which are very different in terms of functions and applications.

The oscilloscope is an instrument that measures the voltage signal over time to display the waveform of the electrical signal. The oscilloscope converts the voltage signal to the graphic display on the oscilloscope screen, which allows people to observe the form and characteristics of the signal more intuitively. The oscilloscope is mainly used to measure the voltage, current, frequency, phase and other parameters in the circuit, as well as diagnostic failure, debugging circuit and design circuit.

The spectrometer is an instrument that measures the signal on the frequency domain to display the spectrum distribution of the signal. The spectrometer decomposes the signal into frequency components and shows the amplitude and phase information of each frequency component, so that people can understand the spectrum characteristics of the signal more intuitively. The spectrometer is mainly used to analyze the spectrum distribution of the signal, the frequency, amplitude, and phase of the measuring signal, and can be used in the measurement and analysis of audio, wireless communication, radar, television and other fields.


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