What are the characteristics of portable signal sources?

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Portable signal sources have the following characteristics relative to traditional signal sources:

1. Portableness: Portable signal sources are usually small, light weight, and easy to carry. It can be convenient to test and debug on -site, especially when moving, it is more flexible and convenient than the traditional signal source.

2. Flexible power supply method: The portable signal source has a battery box and an AC adapter. It can be used by battery power supply or municipal power supply, which can meet more applications.

3. Rich function: Portable signal sources usually have a variety of modulation signal output capacity, such as the SG1000 series portable multi -system signal source of the egret electronics, which not only has conventional signal source functions such as simulation modulation, digital modulation, pulse modulation and frequency scan, but also It has a variety of options such as linear frequency sweeping, DSB/SSB/CW modulation and frequency jump. Can meet the test needs of different application scenarios.

4. Easy control: Portable signal sources can usually control and remote operations through various interfaces such as USB, LAN, wireless, and facilitate use and integration. At the same time, the parameter settings and adjustments can be performed through the remote software interface to improve the convenience of operation.

In short, portable signal sources have obvious characteristics in terms of easy carrying, power supply methods, functions and remote control, and can be widely used in the fields of communication, electronics, measurement and control.

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