How to determine the range of spectrum analyzers? The larger the frequency range, the better?

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How to determine the range of spectrum analyzers?

The frequency range of spectrum analyzers depends on the frequency bandwidth and sensitivity of the equipment covered by it. Under normal circumstances, the frequency range of the spectrum analyzer is determined by its design scheme and technical specifications.

The sensitivity of the spectrum analyzer is also a factor that determines its frequency range. The sensitivity is usually used to describe the minimum detection signal of the spectrum analyzer, also known as the noise level. If you need to test a very weak signal, you need to choose a more sensitive spectrum analyzer.

Therefore, the frequency range of the selection spectrum analyzer should be determined according to the frequency range and the sensitivity of the device you need to test.

Is the larger frequency range, the better?

The larger the frequency range of the spectrum analyzer is not always better. In fact, the size of the frequency range should be selected according to the needs of specific applications.

If you only need to analyze low -frequency signals, the high -frequency range spectrum analyzer may waste resources and increase costs. On the contrary, if you need to analyze high -frequency signals, you need to have a spectrum analyzer with a high frequency measurement range.

In addition, a large -scale frequency resolution may lead to large resolution bandwidth, and the resolution bandwidth causes high noise levels in each data point within the frequency range. Therefore, when selecting the spectrum analyzer, the needs and budgets of specific applications need to be comprehensively considered to determine the most suitable frequency range.

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