What are the advantages and characteristics of PSA080 spectrum analyzer

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The spectrum analyzer developed by Baluelec can currently meet different functions and application scenarios. PSA080 is a portable microwave spectrum analyzer. What are the advantages and characteristics? Let's introduce it below.

PSA080 spectrum analyzer has the following advantages:

1. High sensitivity: The sensitivity of PSA080 is very high, and a weak signal can be detected.

2. Broadband: The frequency range of PSA080 is very wide, which can cover the frequency band from 5kHz to 8GHz, which is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

3. High -resolution: The resolution of PSA080 can reach 1Hz ~ 5MHz, which can accurately analyze the spectrum characteristics of the signal.

4. Multiple measurement functions: PSA080 supports multiple measurement modes, including field measurement, frequency counting, channel measurement, third-order interoperability, harmonic distortion, noise-ratio, chromatography, audio mediation and PSAS-FAIL and other measurement functions , Can meet the needs of different application scenarios.

5. Easy to operate: PSA080 uses a graphical interface. Users can easily operate through the touch screen, so that users can quickly complete the test.

PSA080 spectrum analyzer has the following characteristics:

1. Frequency range: 5KHz-8GHz/18GHz

2. Built -in GPS, electronic compass function module

3. Noise level: better than -160dbm

4.10.1 -inch color display and support touch operation

5. Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz ~ 5MHz

6. With interfaces such as intermediate frequency output, reference input, trigger input, USB, LAN, headset and other interfaces

7. Maximum real -time bandwidth: 40MHz

8. Measurement functions such as field strong measurement, frequency counting, channel measurement, third-order interoperability, harmonic disappointment noise ratio, chromatography, audio demodulation and PASS-FAIL and other measurement functions

9. Expossed ionic battery, with a battery life of more than 3.5 hours

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