What is the role of the EMC tester?

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ELECTROMAGNetic Composition Compliance Test System is a instrument and device for testing whether electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.

When electronic equipment is used, electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic induction will be generated. These electromagnetic waves may interfere or damage other equipment or environment. Therefore, EMC tests are required to ensure that they will not cause such interference in actual use. And damage.

The EMC comprehensive tester can perform multiple EMC tests on electronic devices, including conduction tests, radiation testing, and insertion loss testing of power filter to ensure that the electronic equipment meets related EMC standards, while improving the reliability and stability of the product, reducing the reliability and stability of the product, reducing the reduction The customer's complaint and failure caused by the EMC problem ensure the user's experience and security.

Taking the EMC comprehensive tester independently developed by Egret Electronics as an example, it is specifically introduced. The egret EA3030A comprehensive tester is a compact electromagnetic compatible test diagnosis device. Device design simulation, artificial power network, and differential mold separation devices and other instrument functions. With the help of a comprehensive test instrument, users can discover transmission and radiation interference in the early stage, position the source of interference, and determine the interference component; through the design of the filter to remove the interference signal, and then the standard template test of the comprehensive test instrument, the verification of the improved results meet the requirements. In order to save product development cycle and shorten the certification time.

Bailion Emc Tester

Main characteristics

1. Frequency range: 1kHz-3.6GHz

2. Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz-3MHz (-3DB), 200Hz/9kHz/120kHz/1MHz (-6DB)

3. Compliance with CISPR 16-1-1 standard, including CISPR-AVG, CISPR-RMS, QPK detector

4. Integrated EMI reception, spectrum analysis, network measurement, LISN power supply, common mode separation

5. Integration of Diagnosis, simulation, rectification and pre -testing

6. Embedded multiple EMC test standards (GB/GJB/EN/CISPR/FCC) to support custom standards

7. Support ETR measurement analysis software and remote control interfaces, you can set up an EMC automatic test system

8. Rich test attachment, suitable for EMC tests in automotive electronics, lighting, home appliances, rail transit and other industries

Anhui Baili Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. takes "innovation · concentration" as its core concept and is committed to the development, production and sales services of electronic measurement instruments, teaching experiments, electromagnetic compatibility and defense training systems, and expand teaching experiments and equipment maintenance around the field of electromagnetic spectrum. , Complex electromagnetic environment construction, grid -electrical confrontation training, security reconnaissance and other related businesses, to provide customers with comprehensive system solutions. After years of precipitation, the EMC tester developed by Baili Electronics can meet different functions and application scenarios needs. There are relevant needs. Welcome to consult.


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