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With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of signal generators has been continuously expanded and deepened, providing important support for scientific research and industrial manufacturing. It has played an increasingly important role in practical applications. Many units need to use it to use By the signal generator, the purchaser may not know how to buy more suitable products when buying. Today, Egret Electronics will introduce the precautions for the purchase of the signal generator.

The following are some matters that need to be paid attention to when buying a signal generator:

Application requirements: Before buying a signal generator, you need to clarify your application needs, such as what kind of waveform, frequency range, and accuracy requirements need to generate. This helps to choose the most suitable device.

Signal type: Different types of signal generators will have different signal style outputs, including several common signal generators such as radio frequency microwave signal generators, function signal generators, noise signal generators, and baseband signal generators. Users need to choose a suitable device according to application needs.

Frequency range: Frequency range is a very critical indicator because it directly determines whether the signal generator can meet the application requirements. You need to select the appropriate frequency range according to the actual application requirements. The current frequency range developed by Egret Electronics is currently ranging from 9KHz ~ 20GHz, supporting different frequency bands for users to buy.

Accuracy and stability: The accuracy and stability of the signal generator is very important for some applications, so you need to pay attention to the specifications of these parameters to ensure that the equipment can meet the relevant application needs.

Brand and services: Signal generators are a more professional testing equipment. The quality of brand and after -sales service is also very important consideration. It is recommended to choose a reliable brand and ensure that sufficient after -sales technical support is obtained.

In short, you need to evaluate according to your needs when selecting a signal generator, and make final decisions in combination with the above factors.


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