Electromagnetic Compatibility Teaching Experiment System

System Introduction

The system is designed for courses such as "Electromagnetic Compatibility Technology and Principles" and "Electromagnetic Compatibility Technology and Application", combined with engineering practice, including receivers, auxiliary test equipment, experimental boxes, EUT equipment, etc. The system experiment covers the basic knowledge points in the teaching materials, such as conduction harassment, radiation harassment, signal circuit, etc., and visually shows the experimental process to help students master EMC knowledge and test methods. While meeting the requirements of EMC teaching experiments, it can also be used as EMC pre-testing equipment to reduce the comprehensive use cost of the equipment.

System Introduction

Main features

The experimental content covers the basic theoretical knowledge of electromagnetic compatibility.

Equipped with EUT equipment, more convenient teaching display of electromagnetic compatibility knowledge points

Used as electromagnetic compatibility pre-testing equipment to solve engineering application problems

With a variety of test equipment, can carry out the use of measuring equipment teaching

With a variety of rectification components, to achieve electromagnetic compatibility rectification teaching.

Integrate the content of engineering practice, take employment as the guidance, and cultivate engineering applied talents

Complete teaching materials, experimental instructions, courseware and user manuals

One-stop conduction test and rectification

Complete set of conduction test equipment:

EMI receiver, isolation transformer, LISN, voltage regulator, etc.

filter simulation and testing:

The filter simulation design is carried out for the test over-standard frequency points, the rectification circuit test environment is provided, and a variety of capacitors, inductors and other devices are matched to reduce the difficulty of test verification.

EUT rectification:

Apply the circuit after the test to the EUT equipment, and test and verify again.

Enterprise culture


Application areas

radiation source detection

Use the near-field probe to find the circuit or Equipment radiation source, fast positioning radiation source Head.

Application areas

Signal Loop Verification

Connect as shown in the figure and replace different test circuits. Cable (1 for changing loop area), using ER300 The network measurement function measures the S21 curve, verifies The relationship between signal loop impedance and loop area.

Experiment content

degree of electromagnetic interference

Conducted Disturbance Test

Radiation Disturbance Test

anti-interference technology

Transient interference suppression

Radiation shielding technology

Signal Loop Verification

Signal filtering experiment

Rectification Experiment

Rectification of Power Exceeded

Radiation leakage rectification

Cable conduction rectification

Configuration Scenario

配置 名称 规格型号 数量
标配 EMI接收机 ER300 1台
人工电源网络 LSN016 1台
耦合/去耦网络 CDN016 1台
近场探头 ANT01 1套
隔离变压器 GBK1KVA 1台
电磁兼容实验箱 EDU6010 1套
选配 示波器 UTD2102 1台

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