electrical and electronic comprehensive experiment system

System Introduction

The system is based on the integrated comprehensive tester, which is a new generation of comprehensive experimental measurement system with excellent performance, comprehensive functions and flexible use. It solves the problem that a variety of discrete instruments occupy a large space and are not easy to manage. Cooperate with intelligent platform facilities and teaching management software to carry out intelligent upgrading and transformation of ordinary teaching laboratories, realize the integrated intelligent management of laboratories and experimental equipment, reduce the workload of laboratory managers, and improve teaching effect and work efficiency.

System Architecture

The system can be deployed on both the LAN server and the cloud server to meet more customer application requirements.

System Architecture

System features


Innovatively integrate the functions of various instruments, without losing the convenient operation of basic instruments. The volume of the equipment is only the size of a computer host, saving desktop space and facilitating laboratory placement.


Intelligent management platform: the equipment is equipped with experimental teaching software to realize intelligent and electronic management of instrument reservation and use records.

System features

Electrical and Electronic

comprehensive experimental system


Supporting experimental teaching software: editable experimental report template, which can insert controls such as instrument parameter setting, instrument parameter acquisition, drawing, filling experimental report, etc., to facilitate the electronic management of experiments.


A variety of instrument function configuration users according to their own needs to select instrument functions, and can expand the upgrade.

teaching software

Program control of experimental equipment

On-line real-time control of experimental equipment parameters and
Action, such as spectrum analyzer, signal source, oscilloscope, etc.

experiment report management

Teachers edit the experimental report template online
Students edit and submit lab reports online
Lab report correction, archive management

Online assessment

With the function of editing questions, teachers can edit them according to their needs and conduct experimental examination.

Experimental process monitoring

You can check the progress and situation of students' experiments online, and grasp the experimental results in time.

Management of experimental consumables

Assist the laboratory administrator to realize the digital recording and management of laboratory consumables.

Reservation system

Make an appointment for the use of laboratory and experimental equipment.

Instrument Configuration

According to the needs of users, the system can be matched with spectrum analyzer, RF source, oscilloscope, function generator, digital table, DC regulated power supply and other measuring equipment, equipped with teaching software, to meet the needs of more teaching applications.

Instrument Configuration

Configuration Scenario

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