What precautions should be taken when powering up the spectrum analyzer for the first time?

1) Check the power supply
Before starting the machine, it is necessary to confirm that the AC power cord is reliably grounded before inserting the power cord plug into a standard three core socket. Do not use unprotected power cords. Floating or poor grounding can cause damage to the spectrum analyzer and even cause personal injury.

2) Power supply parameters
To prevent or reduce mutual interference caused by multiple devices passing through the power supply, especially the peak pulse interference generated by high-power devices that may cause damage to the hardware of the spectrum analyzer, it is best to use a 110V/220V AC stabilized power supply for power supply.

3) Electrostatic protection
Static electricity protection is often overlooked by users, and the damage it causes to the instrument is often not immediately apparent, but it greatly reduces the reliability of the instrument. Therefore, if conditions permit, electrostatic protection measures should be taken as much as possible

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