high frequency circuit experiment system

System Introduction

The system is designed for courses such as "high frequency electronic circuit", "nonlinear circuit" and "communication electronic circuit", combined with the development trend of electronic technology, including experimental box, test instrument, teaching and control simulation software, etc. The experimental box is equipped with more than 20 kinds of circuit function modules, covering the typical circuits required by the teaching syllabus, which can not only meet the verification experiments of a single circuit, but also combine different circuit modules into system-level experiments to help students understand and deepen the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom, master the concepts and analysis methods of time domain, frequency domain and modulation domain, and improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems.

System Introduction

Main features

Motherboard standard module, combination experiment and innovation upgrade flexible and convenient

Independent unit experiments can be carried out, and the module cascade can form a transceiver.

Standard module blind interface design, easy to install, fast

Module unified power supply, independent switch, simple connection

The experimental unit is printed with a schematic diagram, which makes theoretical analysis and debugging practice more convenient.

Experimental circuit consumables, from the component identification, welding, debugging of the whole process of hands-on practice.

Perfect experimental teaching materials and experimental teaching videos, one-stop teaching services

Uniform size, standardized interface, easy to replace, reduce maintenance costs


Vulnerable devices, designed with special socket, easy to replace.


Experiment content

LC three-point oscillator

Class C High Frequency Power Amplifier and Base Amplitude-modulation

transistor mixer

diode peak detector

Voltage controlled oscillator (varactor frequency modulation circuit)

crystal oscillator

small-signal single-tuned amplifier

double balanced diode mixer

multiplier detection circuit

4.5MHz IF Amplifier

Multiplier amplitude modulation (AM, DSB, SSB) circuits

small signal double tuned amplifier

multiplier mixer

capacitive coupling phase discriminator

sound acquisition amplifier

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Circuit

455KHz intermediate frequency amplifier

low frequency power amplifier

multiplicative phase discriminator

pulse counting frequency discriminator

Configuration Scenario

配置 名称或描述 规格型号 数量
标配 高频电子线路实验箱 EDU5010S 1台
综合测试仪 ST4010/9kHz~1.8GHz 1台
附件 电源线 1.5米 1根
实验指导手册   1本
选配 鉴频模块 FD100 1件
实验教学软件 LAB-GP-SF 1套
综合测试仪 ST4030/9kHz~3.0GHz 1台

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