Communication and Anti-interference Teaching Experiment System

System Introduction

The comprehensive experimental system of communication engineering is mainly developed for the majors of communication engineering and communication confrontation in colleges and universities (including military colleges and universities).

The system adopts the design idea of platform and modularization, which not only constructs a soft simulation experimental platform of communication transceiver system based on MATLAB, but also constructs a hardware experimental platform showing wireless communication transceiver and communication confrontation, which is suitable for students to operate and control the transceiver process of communication system, experience the real wireless communication transceiver process, establish the concept of communication system for students, and train students to participate in the design and verification of communication system, improve practical ability.

Whole system construction

System Introduction

Main features

Set communication, interference, detection functions in one, can be flexible combination of teaching experiments

Rich experimental projects and perfect experimental instructions to meet the needs of students

Provide I/Q data acquisition to facilitate secondary development

The content of teaching experiment is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate research.

Provide signal analysis software for analysis

Standard aviation chassis, simple structure to facilitate disassembly and maintenance

Humanized system software design can be flexibly customized according to needs

Experiment content

Demonstration experiment of communication link transceiver principle

Communication Modulation and Demodulation Experiment

Signal Detection Search Training Experiment

signal feature extraction experiment

Experiment of Signal Analysis and Recognition

Digital Signal Sampling Rate Conversion Experiment

digital filter experiment

Targeting Jamming System Experiment

Interference pattern optimization selection experiment

Arresting Jamming System Experiment

Communication Jamming Countermeasure Experiment

Custom Interference Experiment

Satellite Navigation Jamming Experiment

Experiment of Radio Communication Interference

Supporting PC software


• Support common analog digital modulation and radio-specific modulation and other types of communication signal generation
• Communication interface displays the time domain and frequency domain waveform interference interface corresponding to the generated signal


• Support multiple interference types and multiple interference modes of communication interference signal generation
• Interference interface displays the time and frequency domain waveforms of the transmitted signal

Configuration Scenario

序号 设备名称 建议数量 备注
1 通信模拟发射机 1台 根据所需选配数量
2 干扰模拟发射机 1台 根据所需选配数量
3 侦测接收机 1台 根据所需选配数量
4 功放分机 1台 根据训练场景选配
5 电源和网络交换分机 1套
6 侦测接收天线系统 1套 含伺服转台及支架等附件
7 全向天线系统 2套 含支架及电缆等附件
8 网络交换机 1套 根据所需训练席位数选配(选件)
9 主控席位计算机 1套 根据所需选配
10 训练席位计算机 N套 根据所需训练席位数选配
11 电子对抗教学训练系统 1套 定制软件

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