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Anhui Baluelec Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located in the national high-tech industrial development zone-Hefei High-tech Zone. Since its inception, the company to "innovation, focus" as the core concept, is committed to RF microwave electronic measuring instruments and software, hardware system equipment research and development, production and sales services, is a national high-tech enterprises.

The company has a first-class infrastructure and R & D team, through the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS quality, environment and health and safety management system certification and ISO/IEC27001 information security management system certification.

Over the years, Baluelec has continued to invest in research and development in the field of electromagnetic spectrum. Its products cover many series of standard instruments such as spectrum analyzer, signal generator, monitoring receiver, comprehensive tester, electromagnetic compatibility test system, etc., and expand to the application and development of microwave imaging radar, electromagnetic safety monitoring, equipment maintenance training, teaching experimental equipment and other related systems, It has achieved remarkable social and economic benefits. The company has completely independent intellectual property rights in the core technology, and has obtained a number of national patents and innovative achievements. The main instrument products are listed in the "list of domestic electronic instruments and equipment that can replace imports".

Through years of continuous efforts, Baluelec has achieved initial results in the field of electronic measuring instruments and defense training. Its products are widely used in scientific research and production, equipment maintenance, military training and various security projects, and have been fully verified in practice and recognized by customers.

Sincerely welcome customers cooperation and development, create a better future!

Development path


Complete equity repurchase, the company moves into the industrial park and operates independently; Gazette Enterprise of High -tech Zone in Hefei.


Information security management system certification; The instrument band is increased to 20GHz; Launched communication/radar simulator products.


National High-Tech Enterprise; Deputy Chairman Unit of the China Electronic Instrument Industry Association; Development defense training system business.


Municipal high -tech enterprise; Little Science and Technology Giant in Hefei; Launched the comprehensive test instrument series.


The team operates independently.


Launched the EMI/EMC tester series products.


The 3GHz/6GHz radio frequency signal source products are launched.


Through Anhui Software Enterprise Certification; The monitoring and receiving and handheld HSA800 series spectrometer was launched, and the frequency band was expanded to 7.5GHz.


Certification through ISO quality management system; Develop the first domestic super portable spectrum analyzer SA1010.


The company was established and developed the first domestic independent intellectual property portable spectrum analyzer SA2030.


Since the 1990s, the team has long followed the research of foreign measurement instrument technology, with rich results.

company culture

Enterprise culture

Enterprise mission

Provide customers with competitive solutions and services with innovative and focus, and continue to create value

Enterprise purpose

People-oriented, create and share

Corporate Vision

Become a well-known enterprise in the field of electromagnetic spectrum measurement application, "make good products, become a good enterprise"

Employment view

There are talents and talents, re -use, virtue, no talent cultivation; talent without virtue restricts use without virtue, no talent, determined not to use

Employment view

Gather people's hearts with culture/standardize human nature with system and achieve life with career.

Work view

Work is not only a means of making a living, but also the need to realize self-worth.

Market view

Creating value for customers

Development concept

Integrate all resources that can be integrated to create a strong sustainable enterprise

View of wealth

A gentleman loves money and takes it in a wise way.

Quality view

Quality is life, double product is character

R&D View

Concentrate resources to be the best in one area


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