CES100 Conducted Disturbance Test System

System Introduction

CES conducted disturbance test system is suitable for lighting, home appliances, power supply, medical and automotive electronics industries such as the power port of the disturbance voltage test measurement. The system is mainly composed of EMI receiver, artificial power supply network, current detection probe and test software, etc., with a variety of civil and military test standards built in. After the test is completed, the system automatically reads points and generates reports. The test is usually carried out in an electromagnetic shielding room.

Test Method

voltage method

System Introduction

current method

System Introduction

Test Accessories

artificial power network

Artificial power network

• Type: 50Ω/50uH 5Ω V type line impedance stabilization network
• Frequency range: 9kHz ~ 30MHz
• Isolation: 50dB
• Maximum allowable current: 16A
• RF output level: 9V
• Simulated hand: 220pF 510Ω

Current detection probe

Current detection probe

• Frequency range: 10kHz ~ 150MHz
• Flat transmission impedance: 18dB ± 2dB
• Maximum allowable current: 100A
• Immunity:>40dB
• Through the maximum wire diameter: 30mm
• Size (L×W×H):82mm × 33mm × 30mm
• Weight: about 450g

Test software

Test software

• Built-in lighting, home appliances, military standards and many other test standards
• conducted emission test
• Radiated emission test
• Correction factor editing function
• Manual/automatic read point function
• One-touch coarse and final test function
• Word/PDF format test report

Configuration Scenario

Configuration Describe Order number
Host EMI receiver(1kHz~300MHz) ER300
EMI receiver(1kHz~2GHz) ER2000
EMI receiver(1kHz~3.6GHz) ER3600
EMC comprehensive test(1kHz~3.6GHz) EA3030A
Artificial power network 16A simplex LSN016
Radio frequency switch Mechanical switch,9kHz~300MHz RFS003
Pulse limitation 50kHz~1GHz PLA030
Current detection probe 10kHz~150MHz PRB330
EMC test software Win7/Win10 BL.EMC.ETR

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